What is a clarifier?

A clarifier is a tank that collects all the water used at a commercial or industrial facility and filters it before allowing it to enter the public sewer system. This process helps reduce the levels of toxic suspended solids from entering the public sewer.

How does it work?

The tank is divided into various chambers, as seen below. As the water travels from chamber to chamber the grease floats to the top, and solids sink to the bottom. By the time the water has reached the last chamber, known as the sample box, the water should be at its cleanest. A sample box is, in fact, a sample box. It is a small tank attached to the tank where city/county inspectors will test the levels of chemicals in the water to determine whether or not it has been maintained properly.

How often should a clarifies be pumped?

Typically, clarifiers should be pumped 1-2 per year, depending on the amount of waste water flow (A busy car wash will use more water; therefore, probably needs to pump it more often). Check with your jurisdiction for requirements to avoid fines. It is NOT optional to pump clarifiers it is required by City/County jurisdictions.

What happens to the waste once it is pumped?

The waste is transported to approved water reclamation centers, where the waste is treated.

How do I schedule service?

Give us a call for a free quote and to schedule service. We can also provide emergency services.

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